Mybook 8TB alarming temperature

Hello !
I recently bought Mybook 8TB drive model : WDC WD80EDAZ-11TA3A0
Although I’ve placed it in a non crowded area upon a shelf, It reached 62 Degrees celsius upon file copying and around 58 Degrees when idle, Which looked alarming to me. (Room temperature is about 26 Degrees celsius)
I’ve placed a 120mm fan in the back of the drive, Which lowered them to about 53 Degrees while copying files.
It seems like a design problem from my years of experience as a computer technician, But I would appreciate more info from experienced users please.
Just for reference - I have 2 more buffalo 8TB drives (Seagate drives) on the same shelf as the WD drive, Which never passed 47 degrees while copying files, And 44 degrees when idle, And another 4TB 7200 HGST drive in external open usb 3 enclosure that reached a maximum of 46 Degrees.

Thank you

Thank you

The specs require a maximum of 35°C:
Screenshot 2021-05-30 200839

and free space:

In particular, no commitment is given for an upper limit of the temperature of the hard disk / housing. In addition such a limit is not given for the amount of energy that will be converted into heat.

Obviously, you have made some assumptions that you have not verified to be true … and now you recognize that they are not actually been met.

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Thank you Mj for your answer.
I found this data page, Which the temps I’ve mentioned seems ok for this model : Data about the drive model WDC WD80EDAZ-11TA3A0 with firmware 81.00A81
I wished WD were more clear in their specs about the INTERNAL operating temperature of those drives, But I guess since they change the internal drive model every now and then, They won’t give that information.

Yes, but only those you have detected so far.

According to the specs the room temperature is allowed to raise from 26°C by 9°C. But this would deminish the flow of heat through the enclosure and therefore raise the temperature of the disk from 62°C by at least 9°C … resulting in at least 71°C … which are more than the 70°C “Maximum temperature limit” noted in the link you found.

In addition one can assume, that only those disks are assembled into enclosures, which show close misses to the specs valid for the disks sold without enclosure.

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Thank you again Mj for the calrifications.
I’ve been using this drive for about a week now, And since the temps for the last few days are less than 55 deg with the fan I’ve added, I think I can say I’m within the drive safe temp limits.