MyBook 4T FULL -- how do you delete?

My drive is full and I can’t figure out how to delete old backups. Also, the WD app does not show a list of old backups. The app seems very basic seems to lack funstions and not work well. What am I doing wrong?

Well, to delete data from any storage drive you can try formatting or factory resetting the drive. Or else you can try 3rd party data eraser tool as well like BitRaser File Eraser that helps the user to permanently erase or wipe the storage drive beyond the scope of recovery and make your drive re-usable for further usage!

Can I not delete individual backups from the list ? I dont want to delete everything.

Still, you can use file eraser software as it gives you the option to delete the specific file. It won’t delete the entire backup folder.


WD Support is ■■■■. Unforgivably horrible for such an established company. I tried getting help by chat, then by live phone call, and neither could answer my questions. They are just going by a script.

My drive is full and there seems to be no way to delete old backups to make room, other than deleting the ENTIRE backup file and history. The following link offers no help in trying to decipher the cryptic “swstor” directory contents, and I can find only one instance of each backed up file – no older ones, and I can’t find any recently backed up files newer than a couple of months. BUT my 4T drive is FULL, so something has to be there.

And a suggestion was made to get a third party file eraser to selectively delete older backups. WHY SHOULD THIS BE NECESSARY?

I’ll be getting a different brand of backup drive.

The following link was offered as help but it lacks the detail necessary to find different dated versions of the same backed-up file. Then at the end it says “Do not delete any backed up files…”


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Completely agree. This should be as easy as several clicks.

The idea that we should have to download, much less pay for additional software to do this is insane.