Backup Drive is full

Good morning.

I have not be able to get any info from WD directly, so I need some assistance here.

I Have WD Book 4 TB and now it full, so I want to reset it as a factory again in order to continue doing backups. I have other external drive as well that is doing backups so restating with this one will not be a problem because I do have secondary backup.

I have this on Windows 10 system.

So it would be safe to to just delete the some files?
The drive Has the following files
WD Discovery
User Manual
WD Discovery for Mac.dmg
WD Discovery.exe

and WD Software Offline Installers
For Mac
For Windows
WD Backup.swstor
Under this one is my userid system name directory
then a security key directory (I am assuming this where all the backups are)

So my question is anyone has have the experience by just deleting this folder I can start do backups again, I don’t want to format in case there are other things needed for the WD Backup.

Any suggestions?

Hello RGR,

You can download all those software from WD support website.

Thanks million, but I didn’t need to update the software I spoke with Tech Support. and just needed to delete everything from the drive using the WD utilities to erase everything but before assuring I take everything else I had on the drive that was not part of the normal backups.

So I copy the programs that came with the drive to a folder, then use the WD Utility erase the drive (NO Format) it took a few seconds and start again WD Backup connect to the drive again. Saw that the original drive was there as well so I just needed to delete the backup plan for the (Old) drive and created a new plan did an original backup again and everything is fine.

Thanks you for your help