My Western Digital Technologies, Inc. Elements SE Portable (WDBABV) [2005] is not seen on windows

I recently changed my job and this result to a change of Laptop. After the first successful usage of my Western Digital Technologies, Inc. Elements SE Portable (WDBABV) [2005] on the new laptop, the hard drive could not be seen in windows my computer for the second time.

If I go to Disk Management, there is always a prompt to initialize the disk. The disk cannot be initialized, it flags Virtual disk manager-access denied error. It shows 465.76GB unallocated.

I downloaded WD drive utility all to no avail. the WD drive utility prompt “attached a supported WD drive”

I am short f ideas, kindly help urgently.


Please follow this KBA -

Main causes of the error as you mentioned in the review

  • The WD Drive Manager or another WD service might not start.
  • The WD drive is not supported by the WD software used.
  • The firmware version currently running on the WD drive is older than the WD Drive Manager and needs to be updated.

Dear WD Community,

The procedure below didn’t resolve my issue

Find the attached windows services snapshot from my computer

WD Drive Manager is set at Automatic at default.

Other WD services (including WD Backup, WD Backup Drive Helper, WD Backup Snapshot) are not found.

Kindly help?

I need data in this hard drive urgently


Hi gbengaajikashile,

You should contact WD’s Technical Support about this.