Wd drive is not recognized by vista pc

My WD WDD800XMS-00 is not recognized.  I have messaged back and forth with the WD help desk with no success.  I have tried different ports, restarted the computer, removed the other WD, that works fine, rubbed my lucky rabbits foot on it along with a few other crazy things.  I also downloaded the recommended driver.  I did not try another able as I do not have another short cable.  This WD drive was installed on a different computer for a long while and had no troubles, before the computer was replaced.  This is what I see after I plug in the drive; I hear it spin up and get a solid light:  When I go to My Computer the disk does not show.  I go into disk management and I see the disk, but it is labeled “Disk 1” and “Unknown”,  and has a small red arrow pointing down; below it says “Not Initialized”.  When I right click, I get a menu and select Initialize.  When I click on Initialize, I get the reply “Incorrect Function”.  When I select Properties I see General WD and “The device is working properly” The other tabs say Type, “Unknown” and Status, “Not Initialized”; Partition Style, N/A and Capacity, Unallocated, Reserved pace are all 0.  The Driver is “Microsoft, 6/21/2006, 6.0 6002.18005”.  Under Details is “WD”.   What can I do to get access to this drive.  Any help is appreciated.

I’m having the same issue.  Pretty much word for word.  My computer does recognize the Drive when I plug it in and says it’s working fine but when I go to access it, it shows it only as a generic external drive and won’t let me get to anything.  It was working fine last week.  This is critical for me to access my data, I was in the middle of editing photos from a shoot and need to get them ordered.