My WD Passport is removing dates from all my videos during backup

I just used the Passport Ultra (1TB) for the first time a few weeks ago and used the backup feature. It worked great, with the exception of not bringing any of the date/time information of my videos along. I also wasn’t quite sure of which folder to find the videos and other files in, as this appears to be a little coded, but I was able to find what I think are the correct folders.

The computer I am transferring from is a Sony from 2010 with Windows 10.


How were you copying the files? Manual copy or using a backup software? If it was a backup software, which one?

Hi! I used the backup ‘program’ that is part of the WD passport. I don’t know if that is a software per se, because it was built into the WD. I later tried to manually copy and paste, and that appeared to keep (most) dates, but my problem with this type of backing up is that it means I have to copy the entire amount of data over each time, whereas I think with a back-up program, there is no need to do that plus backing up takes less time (and also less hard drive space unless you delete the old back-up first, which I always am a bit afraid to do).