Backup / Copy but KEEP original folder dates

I have a new WD Passport 2T drive, and I would like to backup, or at least copy the data on my old 1T Passport to it, but KEEP THE ORIGINAL FOLDER DATES. - Basically I wish to migrate my folders to a partition on it.
Is this possible?
Also My backup software “about” says V 1.6.6060. I assume there is a newer version than this?
Now using Win-10 Insider Preview AND Ubuntu 17.04 on 2 desktops.

The latest version of WD Backup is 1.8.6312.

With regards to keeping the original folder dates, I’d recommend manually copying the files rather than using a backup software.

Unfortunately, the standard Windows copying uses the current date on copied folders AFAIK. As well as most GUI utilities.