My Passport Ultra - Not backing up - Help!

I have just bought a My Passport Ultra (Apr 2016), software all downloaded fine and it recognises the device with no problems. I use Windows 10. So, I go to do my back up and it doesn’t go past 3% backed up (1.79gb of 59.55gb) and gets stuck. Been waiting for hours, have retried a few times and restarted computer etc. What am I doing wrong???


I recommend you uninstall and reinstall the backup software and then try again.

Thanks for the tip. I have just done this and started the back up again - it is just stuck on ‘preparing backup’. One thing I did notice was that the software says it’s compatible with upto windows 8 whereas I’m using 10. Could this be the problem? Is this fixable? Thanks

Ok, having read some other threads for advice, I have downloaded WD Smartware instead and started a back up using that. So far so good! It’s taking a while but I can see that the files are transferring ok. It doesn’t seem to want to back up MP4 and MOV files though so I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done about those?