My WD MyPassport 1TB won't mount

Dear all:

I’ve been using my yellow WD MyPassport 1TB for sometime now. I store photos and videos there. And play videos from there. I use it in my 2 Macs.

I did not format it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the WD MyPassport has a Paragon software to enable the Mac to read it. So, its format remained NT.

Three days ago, it won’t mount. My WD Discovery could see it but it is not mounted.

How can I fix this? Or at least access the files. ?

Hi mariofrez,

Try to check My Passport in WD Drive Utilities. If visible, run First Aid Test from Mac Disk Utility to repair the partition issues. After this, you may be able to access the data stored in My Passport.

If not visible in WD Drive Utilities, connect My Passport in Windows in order to get back important files from the drive.