My WD My Book 3TB external drive will not show up on my new MacBook Pro

Hi there.

I have a WD External drive that I bought new. It worked fine on my old 2009 MacBook. But now that I’ve bought a new MacBook Pro (El Capitan, OSX 10.11.6), the drive won’t show up. The light comes on, the engine whirs, but it won’t appear in finder, on the desktop or in Disc Utility.

The power chord is plugged directly into the wall and the USB is plugged directly into the computer. What’s going on?

Thanks for your help…


I recommend you try replacing the USB cable and try in another computer if possible.

I’ll try replacing the USB, that’s a good idea. Does that often help?

As for trying on a different computer: I know it works on my old computer, but not my new one, which important in it being useful to me.

Does this sound like a problem that is common because of any standard software issue? Or more like a glitch somewhere in the communication that ‘should’ work?

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: