My WD Blue 1TB HDD doesn't appear in my computer

I’ve tried everything (or so i think). I made sure that i physically installed it correctly and even tried 3 different SATA cables in every SATA port the motherboard has to offer. Still doesn’t appear. I checked the device manager, it still doesn’t appear. And finally i clicked on “show hidden folders” since i heard some empty hard drives don’t show sometimes. Also if it helps, i installed windows 10 on my ssd (this is a brand new build)

Hello there,

Have you checked on disk management and device manager to verify if the appear?

It doesn’t appear in my disk manager


sorry for the late reply.

Try a different computer see if this can help you out, also you can try a different SATA Power port on the computer.

I don’t have a different computer I can access. And I tried multiple sata ports, sata power ports and sata cables. Nothing works

I recommend you contact WD support directly. It is possible the drive has to be replaced.