My passport - very slow data transfer rate

I have just purchased a 1TB My Passport. The data transfer is extremely slow - 7% of only 132GB after 4 hours! My PC is running Windows 10. Has anyone had this problem and managed to solve it?


Double check if you are using the 3.0 USB port on your computer along with the proper cable.
Also, are you mostly transferring large or small files?

I only have USB 3.0. Don’t know what is considered as “large” or “small”. They are mostly copies of my DVDs I bought and archived.

Even if I just use the USB ports and not the network drive, it’s faster.

I honestly don’t know the answer.

I posted it in hope of somebody knowing a straight and easy answer.

However, everything seems trial and error.

I admit, it’s hard to give an answer here.