My passport ultra is so slow 42kb in sec

plz i need your help my passport ultra 1 t.b
its so so so slow 42 kb in sec
and i have necessary files on it about 400 G.B
what i shoul do plz help

Are you using the USB cable that was shipped with the My Passport?
Is the USB host port a USB 3.0 with enough power budget (5 Volt 900 Milliampere)?

What is your operating system where the Passport is connected to?
What kind of files, several huge ones like > 10 Megabyte each or tons of small files with some kilobyte each?

i am using the cable its shipped with my passport
its usb 3.0

i try it on windows 7/8/10 same problem all files transferred lase then 42 kb

less than, right? Smaller than 42 kilobit or Kilobyte? Anyway, those small files cause a massive workload in the file system. The smaller the files are, the more you feel the overhead in handling each file within the file system. I think, your drive will be somewhere at 100 Megabyte/s if you transfer a video or similar huge files.

all files less than 42 kb/second

ah, OK.

As I wrote, the Passport Ultra normally works at 100 Megabyte/s throughput. No idea, why the drive is so slow. If you have the issue with three different machines (your posting “i try it on windows 7/8/10 same problem”), then I assume a broken drive and recommend you to call our Support.

I Have the same problem with my passport ultra 1 Tb, maximun it has 150 Kb/s in Windows 7. its so bad.