WD ITB My Passport Is Very Slow


I have a WD 1 TB external drive. When i transfer data from my usb hard drive to the laptop, the transfer speed is very slow. For a data of 100 MB transfer, it takes around 5-6 Hours. This becomes a tidious process as it takes very long time to transfer hugh datas.

Someone please help me for the same. Any suggestions on increasing the transfer speed are welcome. Your efforts are appriciated.


Can you please show more details? What drive exactly, what connection, what kind of data ( 1 file, several files, a bunch of small files) …

Herewith sending the all details about my passport 1TB. My important data is inside, don,t say to format.
My Passpoet Ultra
10th Anniversary edition
USB 3.0
S/N: [Deleted]

Thanks :smile:

The Passport Ultra should go faster than 100 Megabyte/s if the USB-Host-Port can handle this. USB Speed always depends on the capabilities of the host system.

In your case here, I would check the USB cable first. Are you using the USB cable that wa shipped with your Passport Ultra? Is this cable buckeld, drilled or broken?

Do you have enough power budget on your USB host port? Are there some other devices connected to the Host port that may pull too much power off the port?

Hello sir,

I tried My passport on different laptop, but the result is same. I change the cable also. this cable and laptop usb port are working very fast for other external drives.

Thanks for reply, @Junais_Madhurakuyyan

Bets would be to contact our Support, I have no more ideas.

Please help me…

Joerg_A advised you to contact Support