My Passport Ultra WIndows 10 Installation Error

Newly purchased HP laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled and new My Passport Ultra Metal Edition. When I connect the external harddrive windows recognizes it and I can see it in windows explorer. If I select to open to view files I can see the preinstalled contents on the drive. I launch WD Apps Setup to install the WD software and the windows installer launches and I confirm what I want to install. The installer runs about 30 seconds and then the installer shows WD Apps Setup Wizard installation failed. If I click on details it says that another installation is already in progress. I have tried rebooting and then launching the setup and I get the same error. I thought maybe the WD apps were installing silently in the background so I left the external hard drive connected for an hour and checked for installed programs and I didnt see any so I relaunched WD Apps setup and I get the same error. This is my first computer with Windows 10 and I currently have another WD Passport installed on a Windows 7 machine and I didn’t have any issue with that setup. HELP!!!

Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG

Problem solved. Apparently my Office 365 install did not complete and windows installer was hung in the background preventing WD smart ware from installing. I killed the hung processes, repaired office 365 install and was then able to complete the install for my passport.

Thanks for coming back with your solution as this might help other users experiencing the same situation.

Welcome to the WD Community BTW.