My passport ultra sometimes recognising and mostly it is not

Hello there, I’m seeking your help/advice. I bought 1TB My passport Ultra a year ago. After i use it for few months it used to freeze while i am loading data into it but not while i am copying data from it.
Here is the problem now, It started being not recognized at all. In device manager I could see it but it is not showing up as a physical drive. It is reading only once in 20 times i connect to the laptop. I use windows Vista, I tried connected it to another laptop and also changed the cable. Same problem continues.
Please suggest the right thing to do now.
Thank you and have a great day!


I recommend you try replacing the USB cable. It is also possible you have a corrupted partition. If this is the case you could format the drive. This will delete the damaged partition but will also delete all data stored in it.