My Passport Ultra - PC to Mac?

I used My Passport Ultra exclusively for my almost dead PC as a repository for photos. Now have a MacBook Pro and Apple Cloud storage. Before loading up even more files, I want to take the opportunity to delete some photo files on the Passport. But can’t seem to do it.

Is there a formatting issue going from the PC to Mac?

How do I delete files from the Passport.

Hi atatexan,

You need to reformat the drive for the Mac as the My Passport Ultra drive File Format for Windows PC is NTFS and Mac supports MAC OS Extended (Journaled) file format.

You can follow the link given below to reformat the drive for MAC.

Thank you very much, Brandon.



after a few steps, it discusses things being erased. Will it erase the entire contents of the external drive?

Hi brianK7007,

Formatting is a data destructive process and it can’t be undone. Recommend to take a backup of important data files before going to formatting of drive.