Can My Passport Ultra for Windows be reformatted for Mac OS?

I accidentally purchased a My Passport Ultra 2TB external drive for Windows 10, instead of for Mac. I’m wondering if the drive can be reformatted for the Mac operating system, or if I should return it. It would be useful to know before I take it out of the box. Thanks for any and all help.

The answer is yes, you can reformat the Passport for Mac using the Disk Utility on your Mac. Just format it like any other drive you use on the Mac.

If it is still in unopened box, and returnable, I would advise this. Then, check at WD site to get the model numbers for a Mac drive, as it is formatted for Macs and has utility programs you may want to use on it.

Thanks, Timothy and Mike. I went with the reformatting option, and it is working fine. I’ve never used the utility programs on these external drives…yet.

Well, what’s done is done. Personally, I would have been a little more patient rather than acting upon the first suggestion, and I would have returned the drive if it were mine.