Help please: How do I reformat/partition My Passport Ultra with my MacBook Pro Sierra?


I have read all the steps to take and cannot make it work, either reformatting or partitioning. Do I even need to do those steps to use my new external HD?

I don’t even know what I am meant to select in the drop down Format options (Mac OS Extended Journaled, etc) and Scheme (GUID Partition Map etc) and I have tried permeations and keep getting message after I click Erase (Erase Process has failed, click done to continue)

I have wasted so much time on this and really need help. Can anyone give me simple steps to enable me to get started. I want to use My Passport for storing files, not backing up. I want to be able to drag and drop (or copy) files across from my Mac.

Any advice?


Hi KentGirl,

If you are using My Passport for mac then you don’t have to do anything, as it comes Pre-formatted in Mac OS Extended Journaled file system. Just plug in the drive and drag and drop the files in the drive

But, if you are using My Passport which comes pre-formatted in NTFS files system which is compatible with Windows only, then you have to reformat the drive in Mac OS Extended Journaled file system in order to make it compatible with Mac, and the scheme would be GUID Partition Map.

Also, if you want to use the drive with both Mac and Windows then you have to format the drive in exFAT file system, but if you format the drive in exFAT file system then you will not be able to use the Time Machine (Which is used to create the backup) in Mac.

Try to reboot the Mac and format the drive again you will not face the (Erase Process has failed, click done to continue) error again.

Please refer to the link give below in order to know how to format a WD Hard Drive.


I have a My Passport Ultra which has been used on a Windows 7 upgraded to W 10 OS but i now own a Macbook Pro with High Sierra OS and want to store/process photos on both laptops.
Can i format my 1/4 full (750GB remaining) My Passport to exFAT(as appears i need to) using above procedure without damaging or loosing any already stored pics etc??
Info appreciated.