My passport ultra on MacbookPro


I have a WD my passport ultra 2TB and i am running into issues with it. It was working fine and all of a sudden my mac doesn’t want to read it. Went into disk utility and i can see that the usb drive appears and i can see that its the passport port. Open the Wd utility app and it says the external drive is unmounted… tried it into an imac and a mac air and also a windows computer and without luck…
anyone have a solution?

I am very disappointed in this brand and i will definitely never ever buy this product. Am a photographer and have tons of important pictures for clients on it and i can’t trust this product anymore… can’t go through an issue like this again… will definitely don’t recommend anyone this product…

Hope to get a solution for this…

I hope WD comes up with a solution for this!!!



Are you able to test the unit with a different USB cable? If yes, please do that.

How is the drive showing on the windows computer on disk management?