My Passport Ultra not working properly


I have “My Passport Ultra” 1TB for more than a year or two, suddenly its not working properly, the disk is spinning and the led light is working, but i can’t copy files to it (it keeps on loading forever), i’ve erased it a couple of time using WD utility on my mac (which failed a couple of times, then i attempted a few failed repairs and the erase worked" but nothing has changed.

  • disk utility first aid always fail "failed to unmount’
  • under the diagnose tab in WD Drive Utilities i get the following:
    - statues of my disk says “SMART statues failed” with a green circle next to it.
    - both quick and complete drive test fail at 10% and the test stops


Hello, ziad,

Well, I would recommend you to please check the warranty on the drive. You can refer to the given article in order to check the warranty.

If the drive is under warranty then you can go ahead and replace the drive using the given link below.