My Passport Ultra - not adding new files to the backup

I backed up my computer on April 2, 2014 with the SmartWare program and it worked great. I set the backup frequency to “Continuous” and as long as I had my WD My Passport Ultra plugged in if I added a new file it would add it to the backup. However I have not kept it plugged in all the time. I plugged it in yesterday because I wanted to backup the new files created or modified since the intial backup on April 2.  It is not adding the files saved since the April 2nd backup.  How do I get it to scan my computer to look for and back up new files? If I add a file now (since it has been plugged back in yesterday) it will add that file to the backup folder, but it is not backing up the files added since April 2nd and prior to yesterday.

I am looking for the files in the backup folder in the “WD SmartWare.swstor” folder.

Thanks for help with this.

Try to stop the backup and start it again.

You can also power cycle both drive and computer.