My Passport Ultra 2TB not transferring data

I currently have 200 GB worth of video stored on the drive. The drive is less than 30 days old and I went to go access it on my computer. The drive will not transfer files back to my computer or vice versa. I know the files are on the drive as it is showing that the files are there, but I cannot open or transfer them.

In some instances the drive is not being recongnized by the computer and if the drive is recognized, I only have 30 seconds to transfer data and then the drive will stop the transfer (but continue spinning). For example, if i attempt to take video off the transfer rate will start at 100MB/S and then 10 seconds in drop to 0 and stop.

Any suggestions? At this point I am thinking about just using a file recovery software. WD wants to try a new cord, but i dont think thats the issue.

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Have you tried using the drive on a different computer or using a different cable?