My Passport slows down then unable to access it, Please help!

PPL, please help!

I keep on My Passport all my valuable photos including my wedding photos and older memories.

Just out of nowhere My Passport started slowing down. It takes long to load, then once I access files it fails to load for example movies, or very slowly copies. I tried SMART check, all good, as well as standart test. Deep test did not succeed to complete and the same is with virus check with my Eset Nod, or test against malware. 

As of today, I cannot get it to load anymore at all. I cannot access my data!! I cant even attempt to copy some of the photos to other location. I am desperate. When I unplug it from my laptop,a popup appears saying that I need to format the drive to use it. I dont want to do this, at least not before I save at least some files.

What is it that I can do?? I emailed support more then a week ago, but no response. Now the situation is even worse and still no response from them. What puzzels me is that SMART chck was OK, indicating there is no disc failure. This is as  much as I can conlude (am not an expert).

Any ideas, or suggestions?

I would appreciate it much.


even when the drive passed the smart test there could be corruption on the drive

try retrieving the data with Recuva and reformat the drive 

I would do that, but would that solve the problem? If its malfunctioning, it will keep doing the same after the format too.

Also, I mentioned that I have many personal files and photos which I have to keep. Loosing them is not something I would want to do, so this is not really a good solution for me.

Any other suggestions?

download R-studio, it is available as demo to see if you would actually even be able to see your files again on as-is condition drive.

if you have heads that started to crash, there is nothing you can do. it has to go to recovery shop.

You always want important data saved in more than one place. A lot of people have the strange idea that moving data from PC to external drive is a backup.


not to mention that your desktop internal drive or laptop internal drive is much safer source for these thing in the first place.