My Passport not responding

hi all

i’ve had this issue for a while but havn’t used the drive in a while and now i’m starting to use it again i said " [Deleted] this im gonna get this sorted "

when i connect my 1tb my passport drive i can open it and view files etc , but when i want to cut and paste files onto my laptop i get this message ( not responding ) at the top and have to wait for a green bar to finish loading or something

i can’t upgrade to the latest firmware for some reason , i downloaded it and it doesn’t execute for some reason , any idea’s what to do ??? it wasn’t dropped or anything , if i format it do i lose all my data ??? ive family videos of my kids i want to keep and pictures , everything else i can live without


Test the unit with the DLG tool, it will check for errors and if theres something on the drive that the software can fix, it will…

Also you can try to get the files with a data recovery software

if i format it do i lose all my data ??  Yes