Need help with my 1tb passport essential

heres the problem,  my hard drive is now slow to load, and doesnt completely load.  i use my hard drive for movies, pics, and music.   it also freezes or says not repsonding when i try to play a movie.  it wont let me transfer files out of the hard drive anymore either.  it also wont let me delete any files, videos, or pics anymore either.  it used to work fine, but a couple of days ago it gave me all these problems. ive ran the anti virus on, no viruses that it detects. please help me. i cant go buy a new one right now or take it to a store because im on deployment right now.

Try running check disk on it in Windows and see if that shows anything. Also try defragging it.


i ran the check disk. it sayed it repaired some things, and defragged it. and still have load problems, not responding problems and failure to transfer some files and failure to play some videos.