My Passport Pro - detachable cable + add another TB port + fan noise

Please read this thread for more info:

My suggestions for a better Passport Pro:

1. Silent fan!!!

The fan noise makes it unusable in a pro environment! Many users and tests on the internet confirm this issue.

My quick solution: I thought a  firmware update  might be a quick and cheap solution for now. Apple had a problem once where the fans didn’t run until a high temperature was reached, and then went on to full rotation and were extremely loud. A firmware update was the solution and the fans started to turn earlier but with a slow tempo. Very effective and convenient for the consumer. 

I believe the Passport Pro has the same issue. No fan noise during “normal” use or idle, but when you copy large files which takes a few more minutes or probably hours (when backuping or cloning a drive) the fan goes from zero to full rotation.

2. make the TB cable detachable

Please think of a solution how to have access to the data in case the cable breaks. If the cable breaks the whole drive and all the data is useless and can’t be accessed easily. In my business, this data means tens - hundreds of thousands of euros. Fast service for the client is everything.

3. add another TB port

The drive wouldn’t terminate the TB chain which is a very important thing when working on a Macbook Pro with the need of an audio interface etc. I would also like to use 2 or more of those units on a MacBook Pro, but its impossible. So you’re limiting sales by not adding a second port!

Thanks for consideration.

Best regards