My Passport not work anymore

i have WD My Passport
it was work find until yesterday
today i decide to format my computer to use Windows 11
i transfer the important files files to My Passport
after i start the Windows 11 , i fount that My Passport not work
when i plug the cable to the USB the first message show up is :
The Directory name is invalid

then when i go to My Passport to open it i find it like this:

when i try click the drive E: its show up this

can someone tell me plz what i must to do to fix this problem ?
is that mean i lose my data ?

thanks in advance

Hi @iWaleed,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Note: Western Digital does neither cover Data Recovery under its warranty policy nor has any in-house data recovery service. You may contact any data recovery company of your choice but you need to have an authorization letter from WD to allow you to use another company to open the drive if you want to keep the warranty otherwise the warranty will be VOID & we will not accept your HDD after that.

sounds like an accessing data problem, like when you change the way your device is accessed and don’t tell the community how to do it the way it used to be

rather pointless having these network devices not accessible over a network

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