My Passport not showing up on my pc after plugging it into a mac

Today, I brought My Passport external hard drive with me to school and boces so I could transfer some files from the mac I use there to the hard drive. It didn’t occur to me until once I had plugged it in that the Passport wasn’t going to work with a Mac (since it’s for pcs). So I go home, plug it into the computer and it doesn’t show up next to the Local Disk in the Computer tab. Then after restarting the computer, something did show up next to it but it was called Local Disk (E:) instead of displaying “Passport”. and when I clicked on it, I got a notification that asked me to format the disk, and when I pressed start I got a warning saying that the files on it would be erased. So I closed it and got an error notification saying that (E:) is not compatible with my computer. And now, I’m guessing something must’ve happened at boces when I plugged it into my Mac that caused this. So do any of you know any solutions

(Boces is a extra curricular program for high school students here in Long Island)