My Passport for Mac not recognized

My passport for Mac was not removed correctly. The computer will now not recognize it. I have tried it on my MacBookPro and my iMac desktop. I have also had it on my laptop PC. neither of the apple computers will recognize it. the PC shows it in the attached devises and said it is working properly, but will not work or show in the regular files section. How can I get it recognized on my apple computers?

You can try to refer below KBA in this concern.

Go to disk utility and make sure its formatted correctly it should be: Mac OS Extended (journaled)…:grinning:

Please inform if the “My Passport” is visible in the Disk Utility section under the external devices?

It does not appear in the desk top or the Disk Utility section.

I does not appear there.

if it does not show up in the Disk Utilities, does the drive spin up while connect to either Mac?

I have never heard or listened for the spinning. I will check that out. The light does com in and flashes on the front.

Also open “Terminal” app and type “diskutil list” see if the device is list.

Usually, a drive corrupted severely will fail to mount anywhere. You can try a different cable connection; or another macOS (even OS X).