My Passport not recognised by my security

I am trying to unlock my passport essential. The drive is lit up and I can see it listed in the available drives under computer (I am running windows 7). But when I open up WD Smartware to unlock my passport it comes as non writable partition. Now I am assuming this is because it is locked. As is an older device I installed WD Security but all that brings up is “Attach a supported device”. I’ve never had a problem with unlocking the drive before so that I could access my files until I tried to open it now on a different pc. Unfortunately, using my old pc to unlock it is not an option.

So how do I go about unlocking the drive so I can access the data when the WD software won’t recognize my device? Or is there another way that I can retrieve my data without losing it?

Any help would be appreciated.

You should try contacting WD Support as you have done the required troubleshooting to resolve the issue.