My Passport keeps blinking


I read all the discussions and even searched in google. Tried all the possible solutions, but still no luck. Below is what I tried

  1. in Device Manager uninstalled WD Passport and then plugged in the WD. Got WD SES drive not installed properly. So downloaded 64 bit version and after installing did not get any issues.
  2. Ran the diagnostic tool and quick test and extensive test passed but with message 0 capacity. So if it’s 0 capacity won’t a drive get initialized. That’s the problem I’m facing now.
  3. Opened Disk Management and immediately got Disk 3 is not initialized. On google search it said don’t initialize either using MBR or GPT. Thus cancelled it. If I Initialize will it solve my problem? Will the data be erased?

Please help me out on how to set things up.

Note: I have older WD and that works just fine and shows up with Drive letter too



Most likely yes, once you initialize the drive, it will create a new partition on the unit and it should show up on your computer. Unfortunately, the drive will be reformatted and the data will be erase.

As a recommendation, try to use a data recovery software to get the data out of the drive and then go ahead and initialize the drive.