My computer doesn’t detect My Passport

My system has automatically stopped detecting my WD passport portable hard drive. Everything was working fine before and nothing changed but now I can’t get connection. When plugged in, it lights up I can see it in Devices and Printers but nothing in “My PC”. When checked Disk Management, it says the disk is not initialized. When tried initializing, it doesn’t go through the process and errors out.

Please, any help will be appreciated. I have a lot of data on the hard drive which I can’t lose.
Thanks in advance!

If Initializing the disk worked … then you would have lost your data anyways. (initializing a disk will format the hard drive erasing all the data on it.)

The fact is didn’t Initialize sounds more serious.

Contact a Data Recovery Service that knows what their doing.

Damnit, thats what i was worried for. Thank you though for replying. I will reach out to Data recovery Specialist.