My Passport is not being recognized

I would appreciate some help. When I plug in my Passport, my computer makes the sound it does when an external drive is plugged in. but it does not show up in explorer and I have no access to it. It does show up under Computer Manager in disk drives, but it does not show up under Disk Management. This is the second Passport external drive that I keep having problems with it not showing up at all, or giving me the Access Denied message. Thanks for any help and input.

Hi dolphin8,

Have you tried the below mentioned steps in order to isolate the issue:

1.) Trying a different USB port on your PC.
2.) Trying a diffrerent USB cable with the drive.
3.) Trying different PC.

If still the issue persists, then the drive may have gone bad. In such scenario, you can refer the below mentioned link to replace your drive if it is under warranty.