My passport for Mac (WDBFKF0010BBK-) Images have converted into blank files .AAE and .XMP

I put all my photos into this external hardrive to fix and clean my computer. When I open it, half the images and videos are viewable and the rest have been convert into these formats .AAE and .XMP. Please is there a way to recover these files or convert these blank files into my photos and videos.


Hello Julian951,

I would suggest you to contact Data recovery if the you do not have the backup of the data on different location.

Hey @Julian951,

Please provide the below information to understand the issue in a better manner :

  1. Version of Mac OSX
  2. As visible in the screenshot provided, under “Locations”, My Passport icon shows the Time Machine Backup icon.
  • Are you using this drive with Time machine Backup software ??
  • If yes, are these files saved inside the Time Machine backup/backups.backupdb ??