My Passport external drive is no longer recognised on my Dell Computer

My Passport external drive is no longer recognized on my Dell Computer that I use to regularly as my only back-up drive. The light on the external drive is on and I can hear it running.

This is the second WD device in the last several years that has experienced this problem. I face a risky situation as long as this problem remains unresolved.

If I cannot find a solution quickly I must purchase another backup drive quickly. However, I will never again use or trust a Western Digital product and will actively tell others not to also. This repeated problem indicates some sort of basic issue with WD devices.

Does WD offer any trouble remediation services?

I’m having the same issue. I came to my desk and saw my computer had rebooted. But I could no longer see my external drive. When I rebooted again, it was like it was frozen. It was trying to read the drive or something. When I would disconnect it, the computer would come back to life. I’ve tried on two computers.

i have the same problem

My computer will not recognize my WD Passport on any USB Drive. ALl my other flash drives work just fine. What is going on??? On Hcat support three times now for two hours waiting then I get kicked off VERY ANGRY ABOUT THIS

I do have same issue, the HDD bought in 2018 June, seldom use, now couldn’t see the HDD exist , when connected, it couldn’t shut down the computer, when power on, it is not able to boot. serious issue with WD HDD system.

I can’t see any true technical answers to the questions of T (tet888 Jan 13), T (Trish1 Jan 14), Y (yahyafarag Jan 15), K (KKTrout Jan 16), M (Magpie Junior Jan 18)
What kind of drive is used in WD My Pasport
Because i have the same problems, Hoping for a Solution keeping my saved Data

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