My Passport Backup Question

Just bought a new laptop and now need an external hard drive for backup.  I’m considering the My Passport Essential model WDBACY5000ABK.  My concern is the built in backup program.

Someone has brought to my attention that this program does not automatically backup exe files.  Is that correct?

Perhaps someone can give me a brief overview of the included backup program, it’s pros and cons.  Thank you!

Yes it does not include those files for auto backup. Must standard backup programs don’t include those file types.

Smartware backups categories files like Pics, Music, Videos and so forth. Also you can select individual folders for backup, so theoretically you can select and specific folder and then it should allow you to backup any file type.

Programs already installed on your computer will not be backed up by Smartware. 

As far as pros and cons of the software it will list a couple:


  1. Auto backup
  2. visual interface
  3. security 
  4. backup individual folders and files
  5. backup multiple computers to one drive


  1. Does not backup OS 
  2. programs not included
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