Automatic backup?

I would like my Passport to automatically back up files, but for some reason it’s not.  Sorry - this is probably a lame question, but I’m a newbie at this and easily frustrated by things I can’t figure out!  It used to back up regularly, but not anymore.

I also just want it to back up any new info (new photos, etc) and not everything it’s already done. 

Can you manually just drag and drop?



If you have a drive with WD Smartware then you can use it to move your files.

Personally I recommend to drag and drop the files you want to move to the drive.  This way you can access it at any time without the need o using a software.

If you want to do it automatically then you may find many many backup apps over the internet that can work for you with this drive.

I just installed a My Passport Essential.   The box states that it has “Automatic Backup”, yet there is no mention of this in the WD Smartware software or in the 70-page manual of instructions.   Have I missed something?    If it does indeed have auto-backup, where are the instructions for this?   How do you set it up?

What is the model of your drive?


The automatic backup feature only works if you have WD Smartware or any other backup software with that feature installed on your computer.

After installing WD Smartware you will have to go to the backup tab and click on Run or Start backup (first time only). Then everytime you have new media files on your computer (music, videos, docs, pics) those files will be copied automaticly to the passport drive.

If the drive is unplugged when you are saving or downloading new media files on the computer, when you plug the drive again that data will be copied automaticly.

WD Smartware is a software that always run on the background of your computer that means run the first backup manually like I mentioned before and forget about the rest, keep using your pc as ussual.-

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Hi Vaca P. and Ricardo D.,

Several days after my post (above), having not heard from anyone, I called WD Tech Support and got most of the problems ironed out.   However, there is still one or two: (1)  I have not been able to locate the dialog box or window that allows the user to change the day and time to schedule the auto-backup.   I have clicked and double-clicked every possibility in the WD Smartware software but without any luck.   (2)  Is there anyway to determine if it has backed up other than the rapidly blinking LED light on the Passport device?   My old Seagate Maxtor had a running daily log you could go to to verify that the backup had taken place.   Does the Passport have something similar to that and perhaps I just haven’t seen it?

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