Do I need to use the backup software?

I’m just using the 1T My Passport Essential for the first time today. First I used the “One Key Recovery” software on my PC to make a back-up image file of my system, then I used Windows Back-up to back up the whole system, including an image file. It’s set to make back-ups once a week. I also saved one of my data files directly to the external drive.

I was going to install the WD software too, so that it would back up every file that I change, but having read the problems people have been having with passwords, I’m wondering if I should just stick with the weekly Windows back-up and any manual back-ups I make.

Also, what happens if I install the WD software now, after I have these other backup files on the drive? Will installing the software interfere with them?

Any info would be appreciated, since I don’t quite understand how all this works yet.

Thanks for any assistance.

No you don’t need to install the Smartware. Smartware is continuous backup software and only backs up certain file types. When you say manual backup make sure you still have 2 copies of important files. These forums are full of people who moved stuff to their external and thought that one copy was a backup.


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