Backup EXE

Hi all,

I have some WD external and internal HDD, but I just bought today an external WD My Passport Essential SE with WD SmartWare.

After backing up the drive I wanted to back up (no the system one, another unit) I went to check the back up and I found that it DIDN’T bakup the .EXE files!!! I would like to know, why? and how can I force WD SmartWare to backup EXE files.

Many thanks.


Unfortunately, WD Smartware does not support executable (.EXE) files as explained on the following link:

You can use any other software that allows you to backup .EXE files with your Passport Essential SE, but please keep in mind that WD will only be able to provide support for WD Smartware.

HI Trancer,

Thanks for your answer, but is there any option to edit the accepted file types, so I can add .EXE files? It’s the first time I try WD SmartWare and I liked it, but I would like to edit the supported file types somehow to include .EXE files…


Hi there, Smartware will not let you select the files you want. It either takes all of your pictures or none of them for example because the software works by “categories” that you can turn on or off on the backup tab> detailed view.

What OS do you have? If you are using Windows then you could use Windows Backup as it is more powerful than Smartware.