My Passport 2TB Ext HDD cannot recognized by LG Smart TV

All of my 1TB HDDs (with different brands and NTFS) can connect to my LG smart TV
also My Book 2TB (the big HDD with extra power cable) can be recognized by TV

I just bought a 2TB ext HDD (WD My passport Ultra) with USB cable
But my TV does not recognized it, it sais somethign is wrong with USB device!
(I already checked the cable OK, this HDD can easily connect to PC and Mac with no problem)

my question is:

  1. Does the TV should normally read 2TB ext HDD (with USB?) or it may not due to power usage of the HDD?
  2. how can my TV read it

It is not possible for WD to be aware of the limitations of a 3rd party device. I’d recommend verifying your TV’s documentation.

Your WD Passport is likely a USB 3.0 device, so your TV needs to be able to feed enough power or the unit may not work.

tx for the reply
so technically this 2TB disk requires more power than 1TB HDD?
coz 1TD HDD are connected to TV with no problem

The power draw is roughly the same …

with my usb voltage tester … both are 5V, between 23~35 mA, around 1.20 Watts

(sorry for the Photo Quality)

2TB WD Portable USB 3.0 HDD (no external power)

500GB WD Portable USB 3.0 HDD (no external power)

Answer 1. Depends on your TV … my Panasonic has no problems with 2TB and Greater Portable Hard drives and also doesn’t care if they are GPT or MBR partitioned (i have read LG TV’s don’t like GPT eg. here … and you must use MBR partitions) … and also if your TV has a dedicated USB Hard drive input, use that and not the other usb’s. (my Panasonic has 3x USB Inputs 2 for flash/thumb drives, charging 3d glasses etc, and 1 labeled HDD for Hard drives)

Answer 2. See Answer 1.

Hello guys I need to attach 2tb hard drive to my LG Smart tv will it need any external power
Will it work safely without any problems