My passport 07A8 does not open files

My WD 1 TB My Passport 07A8 shows on my Mac computer’s finder but it does not open the actual files.The drive is about 2 years old and nearly full. MacBookPro’s Disk Utility says I must repair the disk, but when I try repair, disk utility says it can’t unmount the disk.

I had a similar problem just a few months ago with the WD My Book 2TB. It stopped working. I could sometimes detect the drive on the computer but the files would not open. Data recovery experts managed to recover some data but I lost too much. Is there a problem in general with the WD drives on Mac or is this just coincidence? I used the WD My Book just on my desktop iMac and it was always on the table so there was not much chance of being damaged by carrying. My Passport gets carried around occasionally. I have various other My Passport drives and worry now if they all will fail.

Would anyone be able to tell if there is an update issue, or some other simple way to get My Passport drive to work again? Or any other way? I am not technically very skilled so I probably cannot understand very complex technical guidance. Many thanks if anyone can advice.


Are you able to test the unit on a different system?

Hi, thanks. I have not tried with another system. I have two mac computers and it does not work in either. It has been formatted for Mac computers. is there a chance it would work with a Windows computer?