WD My Passport not readable by Macbook Pro(2010)

I have a 1TB WD My passport for macbooks. I was able to use the device just fine for a while. One day i hooked it up to my computer and it did not show in my finder or on the desktop. I went to disk utilities and it was visible there. Unfortunately, it kept giving me errors.Now it is stating that the drive is not readable at all by my macbook. I have some really important docs and pics that I can’t lose! A viable answer would be most appreciated!!! I also am not the most savy when it comes to tech codes and things of that nature so a simplified answer would be great!

What’s the model number of your 1 TB Passport drive?
Please try a different USB cable if you have an extra one at your disposal.

Unfortunately I do not have another cable.

I’m having the same exact issue with my 3TB drive. Same year MacPro as well. I saw that on another thread formatting worked, but thats not a great solution for someone with years of info on the device.
If you guys find a solution, please let us know! Thanks!