My new WD My passport not working

I bought a 2TB WD My Passport ext hard disk for my Mac book air 13
( calelina OS ). When I connect to my laptop its not showing up. I tried many PC’s and by changing another usb cable. But nothing is working for me. Pls help me to solve my issue. Thanks in Advance…


What filesystem is your WD formatted? Is it HFS/APFS for Mac or NTFS for Windows?

Also, when you connect your drive to Mac, does it show up in Disk Utility? Please check.

You may apply a few tips (if the drive is working well but not appearing)

• Finder > Preferences > General
• Under ‘Show these items on the desktop’, check the ‘Hard disks’ and ‘External disks’ checkboxes.
• Similarly Finder > Preferences > Sidebar.
• Under ‘Show these items on the sidebar’, check the ‘Hard disks’ and ‘External disks’ checkboxes.
• Also, go to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
• In Disk Utility, to view all mountable and non-mountable drives, go to View > Show All Devices.