MY new Passport won't backup a 2nd time

I’m using Time Machine on Mac w OS Yosemite.  The Passport initially backs up my hard drive, but will not backup a second time.  The Disk Utility doesn’t find any errors on the new Passport.  The error message is “Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the backup folder.”  Rebooting either the Mac or the Passport will allow it to backup one time either manually or on a timed basis, but not a second time. (I tried to see if the firmware needed to be updated, but when it starts to run it cannot find the Passport.)  thanks for any help.

Hi MarkSullivan808, welcome to the WD Community. See if the following link helps.

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The thread you posted from Apple Comunities has nothing to do with issue at hand, it is for Time Capsule and 10.6 Operating Systems and Time machine . I have a similar issue with my WD Passport external drive not backing up a second time after reboot.