5 TB My Passport for Mac fails to back up again!

I continue to have a problem whereby My Passport for Mac needs to be unmounted & rebooted before it will resume back ups to Time Machine. I gave up and for a long time I did not use the drive tho’ I kept it plugged into my iMac (running Big Sur btw). A couple of ago I had another go. I unmounted the drive, unplugged it and then started over. I remounted the drive, selected it in Time Machine Preferences and, bingo, I had regular backups again! My joy lasted only a day as this morning as I had a notification from Time Machine that the latest backup had failed. I’m fed up having to demount & reboot every time I want to back up my files. There must be solution to this problem surely?


We would recommend you perform a diagnostic test on the drive to determine the optimal health of the drive.

First Aid was completed in Disk Utility and My Passport remounted. A back up was completed, but the following morning I got the same error message as before: “Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the back up folder”. There does not appear to be any solution to this problem, other than to keep demounting & rebooting every time I want to backup my files.

I made the mistake of buying the EasyStore 5TB drive also, I put it on a brand new MacBook Pro and after a few backups to Time Machine get an error message. I have run the WD Discovery diagnostics and no issues are found, if I unmount and power cycle everything it backs up again and then after a few hours the same error occurs. I’m interested in a solution as I have a Seagate drive on my iMac that has NEVER had a problem in more than 4 years.

I should add this is my second My Passport for Mac. The same problem and error message occurred with the first drive I bought, and the same remedies applied without success. Believing the issue was specific to this drive, I upgraded to the 5TB version. All was fine until the error messages started to pop up and backups failed. At least I now know I am not alone in encountering this problem. At present I am reconciled to limping along with unmounting, rebooting and remounting until a permanent solution is found. I am also investigating purchase of an SSD drive to back up audio, video and photos.

Chris, or other WD staff- any other advice? I have the EasyStore stop working for Time Machine and have to unmount it and mount again which is really irritating. I ran the utility and checked the drive and it passed so are there any recommendations to allow the drive to work without re-mounting it every day?