My MAC won't recognises either My Passport for MAC nor My Passport Ultra

Hi there.

I have a huge problem with my external hard disk My Passport for MAC and My Passport Ultra.

The thing is that I have used this hard-disk for many years now and it has worked just fine for my Mac Book Pro. I have recently updated my OS to OS X Yosemite and also has purchase one more your hard disk - My Passport Ultra.

The trouble started when I first connected the new My Passport Ultra to my upgraded Mac Book Pro.
The disk asked me if I wanted to use it with the Time Machine like the old one and I said no to that.
After that I have downloaded WD Driver Utilities to my Mac so every other thing that the machine told me to install.

But the trouble is that after this my Mac doesn’t recognise any of WD hard disks and says " Error in RAID Configuration- Your device My Passport ([Deleted]) has RAID configuration issues. Please launch the WD Drive Utilities software to get more information."
So I open the WD Drive Utilities to solve this somehow but whenever I do 'Check the status of your drive" or “scan your drive”, My Passport is dis-mounted from the desktop (and also the light from My Passport goes off).
A different thing happens with the new My Passport Ultra. When I connect My Passport Ultra to my Mac the light in My Passport come on and little bit of sound is heard. But as I wait for anything to be happening with my Mac, nothing more happens except the sound from My Passport Ultra stops and light goes off.

I hope this is enough description of the trouble I have and sincerely hope someone could help me cause I am an artist with all my photos (documentation of my shows and works) stored in your product.
Please HELP!!!

Thank you


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this issue.