My HDD won´t unlock

For some unknown reason my Essential external 3TBHDD won´t let me read its data. Once I unlock it it leads me directly to formatting as a solution and this is the last thing I want to do. I tried connecting it to another Pc and then to a friend´s mac. The thing will not open. I´ve been reading the forum and found this is a “normal” thing??? I´m really angry about losing some important data there and can´t believe at this day and age these things are happening. When I first installed it I went through the security password procedure and now I see it was a fatal mistake. It´s so frustrating having this kind of loss when we have all this technology available. 

Can anyone tell me how I can recover my data or how to unlock the driver?

I´d really appreciate it.

Hello, sorry to hear that you cannot access your files. It seem that the My Book might have some corrupted files. With the help of a data recovery program you should be able to recover most of your files, you can find several option using Google. Once you recover your files, you can format the My Book and start using it normally again.