Get back data from a broken My book essential

Hi, english languaje is’nt my main language so i’ll try my best to explain my problem

i have an external HDD “My Book Essential” 1Tb and a week ago it stop working, after a better look i find that the board inside the enclosure was broken (it seems to be fine, but it did not turn on) and that the hdd inside was a normal WD HDD Caviar Green, so i tried to connect it to my PC and it did not recongnized it… well after google it a found this

so basically i need a way to de-encrypt the data and back it up

note:  i took the board to a repair shop, but they told me that it can’t be repaired

sorry my bad english

No way jose

will need to contact a data recovery company

Depending on precisely how the board was damaged it may be a simple repair job. There are different repair shops with different capabilities.

What’s broken? What does it look like?