My data lost when quick restore(wd mycloud)

my data lost when quick restore(wd mycloud), I want my data back.

Why did you perform a Quick Restore on the My Cloud? What problem or issue lead you to perform a Quick Restore?

Did you read the My Cloud Dashboard embedded help or the My Cloud User Manual before running a Quick Restore to understand what a Quick Restore does? Per the embedded help:

Quick Restore: Reverts all settings to their default values, erases all user data and shares, and retains default shares. Quick Restore creates a new file table on the device, but does not fully overwrite or erase the drive, so data recovery programs can be used to restore user data and shares.

Per the little “I” balloon icon to the right the buttons under System Factory Restore:

Create a backup prior to using any restore option. Use System only to restore system data to the originial factory settings. Quick Restore erases content and system info but can be recovered with recovery software; Full Restore permanently deletes all content and system info, and cannot be recovered. Be sure to create a backup prior to using any restore option.

Did you miss the warning message stating your files would be deleted by running a Quick Restore?


Both a Quick Restore and Full Restore will delete user data/files/folders in addition to resetting the My Cloud back to factory default settings.

If your files have been erased AND you have not been performing My Cloud Safepoint / Backup to backup the My Cloud to an USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud, then you are stuck with trying to use either recovery software or sending the drive out to paid recovery services to see what they can recover from the drive.

If you have been performing regular Safepoint / Backup via the My Cloud Dashboard then you may be able to restore the backed up files (from the last Safepoint / Backup) to the My Cloud.

If one searches this subforum (magnifying glass icon upper right) they’ll find past discussion on how to attempt file data recovery on a My Cloud hard drive when files/data has been remove/deleted/erased.

WD Support has the following information on Data Recovery: